Fisher Vacuum Systems was founded in 2000 by Bill Fisher. Bill, a North Carolina native and U.S. Army Veteran, started the business with just a few dollars in the bank and a desire to work harder and install better quality systems than any competitor. His hard work, dedication, and integrity paid off as he was able to grow Fisher Vacuum Systems into a sustainable small business.

In 2012, Bill received a call from a couple, Paul and Sue Ruel, that was moving to the area from Maine and wanted a whole house central vacuum. Paul, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, who was eager to own and operate a small business, began talking with Bill about purchasing Fisher Vacuum Systems. Paul began working alongside Bill, and in 2014 Paul purchased Fisher Vacuum Systems.

Since then, Paul has continued Bill Fisher's tradition of integrity, work ethic, and dedication to each and every customer or contractor he encounters.

Bill has officially retired but remains in constant communication with Paul in a consultative role.