Fisher Vacuum System Accessories

Accessories for Beam, Element and other central vacuum systems

Vroom is perfect for everyday use since it offers up to 24' of retractable hose, and is instantly accessible for frequent cleanups. With the Vroom around, there’s no need to grab the central vacuum hose or multiple cleaning supplies (broom, stick mop, hand vacuum, sponge or towels) to clean floors, countertops, appliances, drawers, walls, rugs and more.

SPOT lets you quickly clean everyday messes without having to get a vacuum hose or other cleaning supplies! Plus, a removable dusting brush is included with SPOT for even more cleaning convenience and versatility.


Hide-A-Hose solves the problem of carrying and storing a central vacuum hose. Simply pull out the amount of hose you need and begin vacuuming.


When you're finished, the suction from the central vacuum power unit retracts the hose. Hose lengths are customized according to the size of the floor. Each inlet can cover up to 2300 square feet. Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuums can be combined with the leading Central Vac power units manufactured today.

Wally Flex Accessory by Fisher Vacuum Systems

Fisher Vacuum Systems is an authorized dealer of the WalleyFlex™ central vacuum accessory.


The WallyFlex™ is an innovative auxiliary hose which mounts to the wall surface.  The WallyFlex™ is a must-have accessory in your laundry room, bathroom and mud room.


The WallyFlex™ is available in both white and black.


The Rug Rat

Fisher Vacuum Systems is an authorized dealer of the Rug Rat central vacuum accessory.


The Rug Rat attaches to any Central Vacuum hose set as the perfect accessory for the 4 legged members of the house.  We love our pets, but they don't clean up after themselves very well, so just snap on the Rug Rat and clean up that couch with the power of your central vacuum!

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